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What We Do

Transformative solutions for patients and providers around the globe

Innovating to Create Tomorrow, Today

On June 8, 2022, Oracle completed the acquisition of Cerner.

Cerner associates are arriving at new ideas that make a meaningful difference. We are addressing the most complex health care challenges. Individually and as a team, we create technologies that connect people and systems worldwide. The solutions we offer support the clinical, financial and operational needs of organizations of every size.

In every role, Cerner encourages associates to be pioneers and innovators. We empower excellence through continuous and collaborative learning and creative problem-solving.

$5.6+ billion cumulative research & development investment

At Cerner, innovation is real. It's seen in the contributions we make to the open source community and the patents our associates proudly claim. It's seen in the development of critical innovations like the St. John Sepsis Agent, which helps health care providers identify potential sepsis cases earlier, improving the chance of saving lives. It's our past, our present and your future.

Award-Winning Career Development

Regularly recognized on Training Magazine’s Top 125 List

You have the capacity to achieve greatness. To make a significant impact in the field of health care. To learn new skills and give your work greater meaning. Cerner is renowned for providing opportunities that encourage the development and promotion of our associates from within. And we provide world-class training, resources and support to elevate your career.

Become an accomplished professional

Early in your career, at the most critical stages of your professional experience, you’ll have access to coaching, mentoring and opportunities to expand your skill set. The process begins with in-depth learning. Before you join your team, you’ll experience our culture, interact with accomplished associates, gain insights into our approach and engage in real project work.

As you progress at Cerner, you’ll have many opportunities to gain expertise and broaden your experience. We have names for our departments. But our careers are not bound by titles and divisions and sections. Neither are our associates. They can move up, over and across a full array of opportunities in various realms of expertise. To move into a new role, just bring your drive, ambition and the talent you’ve grown throughout your career.

If you want to learn, stretch and develop, come to the one place where your career development can make the most meaningful impact: Cerner.

Enhance the Future of Our Communities

What does community outreach mean?

At Cerner, it’s more than philanthropy. It’s making a concrete difference for years to come. Community outreach is our way of enhancing what matters most: the quality of life for the communities we touch.

Outreach creates positive impact

We grant substantial resources annually in support of health, education and wellness initiatives.

This translates to millions of dollars in health-related assistance for children from the First Hand Foundation, the primary philanthropic organization we support. Founded by Cerner in 1995, it receives company funding, as well as investment income, to cover administrative costs and has had a positive impact upon thousands of children’s lives around the world. One hundred percent of proceeds from Cerner associates and private donors collected go directly to the benefit of the children.

In addition, we have made a lasting commitment to the support of regional development emphasizing the life sciences, technology, innovation and scientific research. And we invest many hours and vast resources to enhance the future of numerous organizations that support business and economic development in the community.