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Students & Graduates

Reimagine the Model of Health Care Delivery

Look at all you’ve learned. Find solutions that only you can provide. And apply them to the advancement of health and care through inspired technology, innovation and ambition. Put your passion to work, with Cerner.


Cerner represents a unique opportunity to make the most of your education. We can empower you to take your knowledge and put it to the most exciting test of all: life. Consider all the hard work you’ve put forth. The facts, figures, systems and ideas you’ve mastered. And the ambitions you’ve been keeping. You can finally apply them in impactful ways. This is the culmination of everything you’ve been waiting for. Here is your chance to build your career and chase your dreams.

Where challenges inspire achievements.

Cerner is an industry leader. We maintain this position by attracting, hiring and retaining the candidates who best personify our commitment to success through innovation. We offer the global resources, career paths, meaningful projects and potential for advancement that are essential to long-term career fulfillment.

Use your considerable capabilities to have a positive impact upon the lives of others. Join us in one of the following professional areas and discover how your talents can help us change the model of health and care for the benefit of all.

  • Academy Business Analyst
  • Academy Consultant
  • Academy Technical Solution Analyst
  • Academy Software Engineer 
  • Academy System Engineer

College Internships

You're determinded to build a career that is dynamic, innovative, challenging, and above all, meaningful.  So your internship program must be just as rewarding, empowering and exciting. To prepare you for the real world, Cerner has designed a wide variety of internship programs that are as real as it gets. Each represents our commitment to investing in your talent—and your future.

The most accomplished students apply to our locations around the globe for the chance to take part in these renowned, award-winning programs. They start at various times of the year, depending on the part of the world where you are located, and they can end with the offer of a lifetime.

Gain invaluable experience with a global leader.

Are you looking for practical exposure to health care and technology—and what they can achieve? Are you collaborative, highly motivated, driven by ideas and excited to explore new applications? We’ll ensure that you have every opportunity to become an important part of our organization, with intern opportunities in software engineering, consulting and other roles relevant to health science, information technology, computer science and related majors. This is your chance to experience real project work, team-based placements and group collaboration to develop skills that are potent and portable.

You’ll come out of Cerner with valuable knowledge, skills and experience you would not find anywhere else. But here’s the best part: as with so many of our summer interns, you might be invited to come back and build a full-time career with our organization.

Student Apprentice Program

Gain invaluable, practical experience in your field while you study. Work alongside professionals who can help you hone your technological or business skills.

Supplement your higher education with real-world projects in the Cerner College Apprentice Program, and open the door to the possibility of a career with an industry leader.

Students pursuing business, software, and system engineer degrees at colleges, universities and junior colleges local to the Kansas City area are eligible to participate in this program, which offers part-time employment of 20 hours per week during the school year, and 40 hours of full-time work throughout the summer.




My name is Jade.
I’m a Software Engineer.
A forward thinker.
I’m a Cerner associate.