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Cerner is a rapidly expanding, global enterprise. Leverage your knowledge and experience in an environment that is rapidly expanding.

Cerner is a rapidly expanding, global enterprise.

Leverage your knowledge and experience in an environment that is rapidly expanding. Because the world needs better ways of delivering health care, we need the best minds in accounting and finance, human resources, communications, customer support, management and every other discipline needed to keep us moving quickly, intelligently and smoothly in one direction: the future.

Accounting & Finance

Providing the financial stability and resources we need to continue innovating in the name of patients everywhere, these associates plan, oversee and administer finance-related strategies. In addition to forecasting and accounting, these professionals are responsible for the risk-management, tax and auditing functions essential to continued organizational stability and growth.

Opportunity Examples:

  • Acountant
  • Accounts Payable Specialist
  • Audit Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Finance Partner
  • Revenue Accountant
  • Risk Analyst
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Tax Accountant

Corporate Operations

Supporting the entire Cerner team, this group is committed to planning, overseeing, and administering the operational processes and programs extending throughout Cerner’s organizational areas. Encompassing a wide range of functions, including operations management, administrative support, and legal and compliance, Corporate Operations offers a broad array of opportunities.

Opportunity Examples:

  • Administrative Support Specialist
  • Campus Concierge
  • Contract Analyst
  • Construction Manager
  • Event Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Property Manager
  • Patrol Officer
  • Regulatory Affairs & Compliance


Our team creates robust culture of innovative learning by connecting clients and associates with meaningful experience. Cerner is increasingly focused on developing methods, frameworks, and solutions to solve competency and behavior needs across our reach. Whether you want to work internally or with clients you can be proud of the impact you have through developing others.

Opportunity Examples:

  • Early Childhood Manager
  • Early Childhood Teacher
  • Learning Coordinator
  • Learning Instructor
  • Learning Leader
  • Learning Partner
  • Onboarding Partner
  • Software Engineer Instructor
  • System Engineer Instructor

People and Talent

Going well beyond the traditional model of human resources, we focus on what matters most to our organization: people and the talent, experience, and knowledge they provide to help us bring about transformative change to health and care. Join us in overseeing and administering the associate-related strategies and operations that are essential to our continued success.

Opportunity Examples:

  • Associate Relations Partner
  • Compensation Analyst
  • Fitness Center Area Manager
  • Fitness Center Manager
  • Fitness Center Specialist
  • Human Resources Partner
  • Learning Strategist
  • Recruiting Partner
  • Recruiting Specialist

Cerner is innovating at the intersection of technology, health and care.


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