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Sales, Marketing & Strategy

Look into a promising role within Sales, Marketing, and Strategy, and see how your skills can move the world in new directions.

Promote the advancement of health and care at the very edge of technology, with Cerner.

Whether your strength lies in sales, relationship management, marketing or strategy, you will be driving positive change by communicating the value of solutions that help solve the world’s most complex health challenges. Look into a promising role within Sales, Marketing, and Strategy, and see how your skills can move the world in new directions.

Client Relationships

Strengthening our existing customer base through excellent service and value creation, this team is responsible for relationship management and growing our business as we continue to introduce new solutions for health and care. Be part of the team that retains client loyalty and helps providers offer even better care.

Opportunity Examples:

  • Alignment Strategist
  • Business Manager
  • Client Experience Partner
  • Client Results Executive
  • Financial Alignment Executive
  • General Manager
  • Government Strategist
  • Pharmacy Executive
  • Physician Alignment Executive


Our marketers combine strategy and execution to tell the complex simply by sharing the story of Cerner to build the brand. Cerner marketers use data and analysis to build marketing plans that influence the way people think about health and care.

Opportunity Examples:

  • Communications Partner
  • Experience Coordinator
  • Graphic Designer
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Marketing Partner
  • Marketing Strategist
  • Multimedia Designer
  • Production Artist
  • Writer


Driving our success by building strong, lasting relationships with health and care-related organizations, you will be responsible for focusing on top-line growth throughout client and solution segments. We have opportunities for those seeking to develop dynamic new business relationships.

Opportunity Examples:

  • Client Executive
  • Client Representative
  • Inside Sales Executive
  • Proposal Manager
  • Sales Alignment Executive
  • Sales Leader
  • Solution Advisor
  • Strategic Client Executive
  • Technology Pre-Sales Consultant

Solution Strategy

Anticipate the future. Listen to what patients and care providers are asking of us and respond accordingly. Use your extensive knowledge of health care trends and emerging patient needs to look ahead of the curve and design solution and services strategies that align with our market and corporate vision.

Opportunity Examples:

  • Business Developer
  • Clinical Designer
  • Clinical Terminologist
  • Human Factors Researcher
  • Knowledge Leader
  • Relationship Manager
  • Physician Solution Executive
  • Process Consultant
  • Solution Designer

Cerner is innovating at the intersection of technology, health and care.


My name is Joe.
I’m a Director of Sales.
A client asset.
I’m a Cerner associate.


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