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Talent Development

It's never too soon to realize the impact that your ideas can make upon the lives of others.

It’s never too soon to realize the impact that your ideas can make upon the lives of others. Or to begin thinking about your career. Which is why Cerner actively seeks talent in its earliest, most promising stages and why we form partnerships for career exploration with middle schools and high schools throughout the Kansas City area. We want to be there when the light goes on. Let us help you illuminate it to maximum brilliance with programs and initiatives that leverage advocacy, exploration, and professional-based learning to prepare you for an exciting career at the intersection of technology, health care, and business.

The number of U.S. software and systems engineering jobs is rising fast. But there will be a shortfall in the number of people to fill them.

It is vitally important to fill this gap. Cerner does its part by making a smart investment: creating new avenues for people like you, the leaders of tomorrow. We want the best students to be prepared for the challenges you’ll meet, and ready to take us confidently into the future. So we provide you with student learning programs that offer the professional skills and technical knowledge you’ll need to set the pace for generations to come.

Apply for our skill development programs

Cerner Scholars Program

If experience is the best teacher, the Cerner Scholars Program could have a resounding effect on you and others who represent the next generation of professionals. We offer a unique, applied learning environment to exceptional area high school students where you will work alongside Cerner professionals at one of our Kansas City offices. And you will have the opportunity to develop critical-thinking, problem-solving and communication skills while gaining exposure to the intricacies of health care and technology. This program requires a commitment of approximately two and a half hours a day, four days a week.

To be selected for the Cerner Scholars Program, you must be a participant in one of the following programs from key education partners:

  • Northland CAPS (Center for Advanced Professional Studies)

    Learn More
  • Blue Valley CAPS (Center for Advanced Professional Studies)

    Learn More
  • KCK Tech Impact Program

  • Career and Technology Center at Fort Osage High School

    Learn More
  • Summit Technology Academy Program

    Learn More

Cerner partnerships promote STEM within local schools

Cerner partners with a wide variety of organizations to further STEM education within Kansas City's local school systems because we know that the future of our industry, depends on it. These include:

Our talent development strategy encourages STEM education for children of all ages

At Cerner, we’re striving to build a brighter future by interacting with parents, students and educators to inspire STEM education through a wide variety of activities.

  • Annual Cerner Scholar Educators Summit

  • Cerner Associate School Speaking Engagements

  • Cerner Open House Nights

  • High School Curriculum Advisement

  • On-Site Student Visits to Cerner

  • Cerner Hour of Code Events

  • Career Mentoring

  • STEM Educators Series

For more information about student learning programs at Cerner, please email to