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Welcome to the Cerner Career's Federal Jobs page. Here you can explore all Federal related jobs within Cerner. Choose a job family below that aligns with your career goals.

Cerner Government Services

The Cerner Government Services team continues to grow rapidly as we have expanded our federal client partnerships. Find a career that makes an impact for our Government Services here. This team's main focus is support DOD, VA, CDC and future Federal clients.

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Accounting & Finance

Providing the financial stability and resources we need to continue innovating in the name of patients everywhere, these associates plan, oversee and administer finance-related strategies. In addition to forecasting and accounting, these professionals are responsible for the risk-management, tax and auditing functions essential to continued organizational stability and growth.

Client Relationships

Strengthening our existing customer base through excellent service and value creation, this team is responsible for relationship management and growing our business as we continue to introduce new solutions for health and care. Be part of the team that retains client loyalty and helps providers offer even better care.

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Corporate Operations

Supporting the entire Cerner team, this group is committed to planning, overseeing, and administering the operational processes and programs extending throughout Cerner’s organizational areas. Encompassing a wide range of functions, including operations management, administrative support, and legal and compliance, Corporate Operations offers a broad array of opportunities.

Data & Analytics

How does Cerner apply information to create innovative solutions? Be part of the team that manages our strategic and operational ability to provide analysis of internal and external data. Using business data and statistical methods, these individuals provide insight into business performance and opportunities for operational improvement.

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Here’s your opportunity to write software that redefines the direction of health and care with innovative solutions to complex challenges as you plan and deliver the full cycle of software development. You’ll have the opportunity to contribute to projects comparable in scale to those of large tech organizations and each line of code will have real significance.

Health Care Financial Operations

Help providers create value and reduce the cost of care as part of the team that plans, oversees, and delivers innovative solutions for the entire revenue cycle administration process. Encompassing patient financial services, health information management and other important functions, this team ensures that providers and their patients have what they need to thrive.

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Health Care Delivery

These clinicians provide world-class health care services to Cerner associates and their families within our internal clinics, as well as to patients at various on-site client locations. They enjoy collaborating with other highly proficient team members and have access to today’s most advanced solutions.

Human Resources

Going well beyond the traditional model of human resources, we focus on what matters most to our organization: people and the talent, experience, and knowledge they provide to help us bring about transformative change to health and care. Join us in overseeing and administering the associate-related strategies and operations that are essential to our continued success.

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Implementation Services

Deliver professional services that help health and care professionals make the most of their abilities and resources. Use your software installation, optimization and adoption knowledge and skills to save time, effort, and ultimately, lives.

Information Technology

Anticipating every need, the professionals we select for these important roles are entrusted with the oversight and administration of our client-facing and internal information technology strategies and operations. Depending on your skill set, you’ll have the opportunity to join us in a wide range of areas.

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With many organizations within Cerner, find a career that lets you lead the way towards innovation. Work closely with clients and associates to make an impact in your community.


Our team creates robust culture of innovative learning by connecting clients and associates with meaningful experience. Cerner is increasingly focused on developing methods, frameworks, and solutions to solve competency and behavior needs across our reach. Whether you want to work internally or with clients you can be proud of the impact you have through developing others.

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Our marketers combine strategy and execution to tell the complex simply by sharing the story of Cerner to build the brand. Cerner marketers use data and analysis to build marketing plans that influence the way people think about health and care.

Performance-Improvement Services

Drive change in the health care process and have a positive effect on health outcomes as a key member of Performance-Improvement Services. We streamline the clinical work flows that are essential to improving the efficiency of health and care.

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Project Administration & Management

Bring together top talent and resources. Build strong team relationships. Stay on top of schedules, assets, meetings and milestones. And keep vital initiatives on track for timely, accurate delivery as you manage and coordinate projects for internal and external clients throughout a wide range of initiatives.


Driving our success by building strong, lasting relationships with health and care-related organizations, you will be responsible for focusing on top-line growth throughout client and solution segments. We have opportunities for those seeking to develop dynamic new business relationships.

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Solution Strategy

Anticipate the future. Listen to what patients and care providers are asking of us and respond accordingly. Use your extensive knowledge of health care trends and emerging patient needs to look ahead of the curve and design solution and services strategies that align with our market and corporate vision.


We’ll count on you to provide the software, hardware and application support that internal and external end-users rely upon to keep our world-class solutions working at full capacity, 24/7. Whether you’re part of our help desk team or providing technical support, you’ll help to ensure that our clients and their patients are well taken care of.

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Cerner is innovating at the intersection of technology, health and care.

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