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Revenue Cycle Management

Imagine being able to help patients save much-needed time, effort and expense. You can make that dream a reality with Cerner Revenue Cycle Management Services.

Offering the entire spectrum of revenue cycle management software and services, we provide our clients with a full set of solutions that are designed to complement one another, anticipate change and make life easier for everyone touched by the health care experience.

As one of the largest and most respected revenue cycle management companies in the nation, we have a strong record of growth and innovation. We offer solutions that meet the demand for lowered costs while providing top quality, including our Cerner Millennium™ revenue cycle management solutions. By integrating the revenue cycle platform with the full electronic health record (EHR), we break down the barriers between clinical practice and revenue cycle practice, streamline workflows and alleviate billing issues for patients.

If you’d like to build a lasting relationship with one dedicated client, Cerner RevWorks may be a perfect fit. This unique team offers opportunities for Revenue Cycle Systems Managers who are designated for placement on-site with one of our clients in need of world-class services for the management of financial operations, including medical billing and reimbursement optimization. Working side by side with our client team, you’ll help them optimize their Cerner RevWorks applications to minimize costs, maximize the bottom line, fix the holes in the revenue cycle, enhance workflows, improve efficiencies and lower costs.

Whether you specialize in engineering, sales, consultation, management or any other area of expertise, Cerner Revenue Cycle Management Services offers opportunities to build on an amazing portfolio of solutions. Of greater importance, you will ensure that health care delivery systems achieve optimal dependability. And that the quality of patient care remains at the highest levels possible.




years experience, RCM service leaders


My name is Kendra. 
I’m a Revenue Cycle Systems Manager. 
A viewfinder. 
I’m a Cerner associate.


Increase Rev Cycle Revenue

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