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Would you like to apply your IT skills in ways that help doctors and nurses provide more efficient and effective care? Do you enjoy offering software, technology, hardware and infrastructure that enhances the health and care of patients? If you’d like to be embedded with a single client and work hand in hand with them right on the front lines of health care, here is your opportunity. Bring IT to life for patients, families and clinicians, and see the results of your work each day as part of ITWorks.

You will be designated as a Cerner expert to work on-site each day with your specific health care-related client, helping to ensure optimal IT management and alignment. Monitoring and supporting a wide variety of Cerner software and systems, you will have a permanent office at the client location, while remaining a Cerner associate. As part of the client community, you’ll live and work in a setting where you can guide a staff of other IT professionals, and ensure that our systems are providing maximum results and value. And all the while, you’ll have the support of Cerner and our other ITWorks teams, sharing the ideas, advice and resources you need to succeed.

You and your Cerner colleagues will collaborate with the client to arrive at innovative solutions for the most pressing challenges in any number of healthcare fields. In this role, you might find yourself anywhere in the world. You could be working with one of our clients in a health care system, a large hospital, a facility performing groundbreaking medical research, or one of many other vital health care-related business that rely upon our solutions and services to take health and care to new levels of effectiveness.

But ultimately, you will be working for the patients around whom our software and systems are designed. And your efforts will reflect the real, personal impact that makes our work so fulfilling.






My name is Amy.
I’m a Technical Solution Analyst.
A better way.
I’m a Cerner associate.


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