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It takes an entire organization of the world’s best professionals to advance the effectiveness of health and care with innovative technology on a global scale. You’ll find that every part of our organization is committed to advancing the objective of helping clinicians provide the best possible outcome for every patient. We realize this goal by recruiting and retaining the most skilled individuals in these areas:

Accounting and Finance: Apply your skills to the planning, oversight and administration of finance-related strategy operation. Encompassing such broad areas as accounting, financial planning, risk management, auditing and taxes, this group maintains the financial stability of our organization.

Corporate Operations: Take the opportunity to oversee and administer operational processes or programs throughout Cerner’s organizational and functional areas. This team spans many vital areas, including operations management, administrative support functions and legal and compliance.

Data and Analytics: This team manages strategic and operational capabilities to provide analyses of internal and external data for important insights regarding the effectiveness of Cerner solutions.

Health Care Delivery: This group provides care to Cerner associates and their families and manages the operation of Cerner’s convenient on-site health clinics.

Marketing: Our marketers combine strategy and execution to tell the complex simply by sharing the story of Cerner to build the brand. Cerner marketers use data and analysis to build marketing plans that influence the way people think about health and care.

People and Talent: As part of this group, you’ll have the opportunity to plan, oversee and administer people- and talent-related strategies and operations, including recruiting and training & development.

Help us attract and retain the best candidates with strategies to keep our models for compensation and benefits competitive yet cost-effective. Or ensure that our payroll functions perform at a world-class level through superior operations, production and reports.






My name is Kayla.
I’m a Business Analyst.
A Communicator.
I’m a Cerner associate.

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