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While caregivers are overseeing the health and well-being of patients, who’s overseeing the complex client systems they depend upon?

That would be CernerWorks, an organization that hosts, manages, and monitors client systems for health care providers around the world to provide maximum uptime and data reliability. And it could be you, if you’re equally passionate about innovations that enhance the patient experience.

Apply your skills where every minute counts, as we maintain 99.9% service availability to our clients. Join us as we strive to improve and expand our effectiveness through advanced analytics, Infrastructure as a Service, and continuous delivery/availability upgrades. At CernerWorks, our capabilities in cloud solutions are growing, as well, and include the hosting of complex functions that save time, resources and lives.

In addition, CernerWorks runs our remote hosting option (RHO), which provides clients with the superior performance, security, reliability and scalability they need to enable their core IT teams to focus on internal issues and realize the vitally important goal of providing exceptional health care. This is your opportunity to help health care organizations leverage the most sophisticated and powerful IT solutions available.

You can be a part of our efforts to provide predictability, operations excellence, disaster recovery and prevention and real affordability to an industry where these advantages make a major impact on a daily basis. Be part of CernerWorks, and be part of important solutions.


average transaction response time


of all transactions are less then two seconds


downtime minutes returned to our clients in 2016


My name is Tonya.
I’m a Client Owner.
A primary client contact.
I’m a Cerner associate.

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