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Cerner Technology Services

Helping Cerner meet its mission is our mission at Cerner Technology Services.

Operating servers and data centers for internal and external use, we are Cerner’s hosting, managing, and monitoring organization for infrastructure, as well as the provider of internal and cloud applications and services in support of our teams, our partners and clients. And we offer significant opportunities to work on cutting-edge technology and address complex challenges within a massive health care eco-system. Our 1,500 associates are dedicated to providing reliable, scalable and secure technology services in support of Cerner and our clients. Join us in:

Critical Facilities: To ensure that our clients feel no disruption in computing power, we have established purpose-built data centers with 132,000 systems worldwide where we run our managed services and cloud services. That matters when over 40% of US health care systems are depending on you.

Infrastructure and Operations: Taking an empty shell of a data facility center and turning it into a computing powerhouse is the job of Infrastructure and Operations. Our teams install the equipment and operating systems at the foundation of work that affects countless patients daily.

Enterprise Services Division: This team handles IT for an engineering company, which allows us to work on the most cutting-edge technologies. Providing all of the equipment, networking, and systems for Cerner associates to do their work around the world, we have a global footprint that includes people who travel, e-work at home and work on our campuses.

Enterprise Security: Providing physical and logical security, this group is responsible for the protection of intellectual property, as well as, personal information for associates and patients.

And we have an entire array of associates doing equally important work, including IT governance, financial management and future strategy. We all have different assignments, but we have the same objectives: greater efficiencies for our clients and global business operations and better outcomes for every patient.


petabytes compute storage


data centers


downtime minutes returned to our clients in 2016


My name is Joseph.
I’m a System Engineer.
A collaborator.
I’m a Cerner associate.

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